Monday, October 24, 2011

It's Monday Already???

I have gotten my daughter her Pop Tart and Nick Jr. is on the t.v. laptop and couch for me. I am actually searching for more ways to earn extra income online. I have been writing for several weeks, but I would like to be able to make some more and have a couple little jobs on the side so when my bigger jobs aren't doing well, I will have the smaller ones to turn to.

I do indeed like the idea of making money at home, I just need to find some good websites that will help me get there. I am involved in several groups on Cafemom, and sometimes visit, and for job postings or leads.

I am going to get back to looking. :) Have a happy Monday. 

Friday, October 21, 2011

Just for starters..

Good Morning!! So, I have been trying write my first post for 30 minutes, but trips to the fridge to get apple juice, stopping to read "I Can Do It By Myself" and rewinding Sesame Street for the 10th time. I guess that's the life of being a SAHM right?

So, for several months, I have been trying to find ways online to make money. I have ran into some scams, and some sites I just really didn't care for. I really love the idea of being able to stay at home with my sweet 20 month old daughter and watch her grow, and also making money in the process. Hey, I might not become a millionaire, but if it pays some bills or helps with birthday presents, Christmas, or gas money..I'm happy.

So, that the idea of a blog is to post jobs leads, things I do for extra income, and to meet other SAHM's to share ideas. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!! T-G-I-F